Monday, December 12, 2011

Update on Mairead at 17 months old

Words Mairéad can say at 17 months old
1. “Mama”/”Mommy”
2. “Dada”/”Daddy”
3. “bye bye” and closes her hand like she is waving
4. “cat”
5. “Sasha”
6. “Sassy”
7. “baby”
 8. “ah-oh”
 9. “Aunt Samantha”(An Tan-ta)
10. “What’s that?”
11. “pretty”
 12. “duck”

 ****She said the above at 12 months and has added the following since***
13. “quack”
14. “ball”
15. “moo” (for cows)
16. “bunny”
17. “goody”
18. “birdy”
19. “knee”
20. “mouth”
21. “nose”
22. “water”
23. “belly”
 24. “banana” (nana)
25. “cracker”
26. “cookie”
27. “door”
28. “Where’s ____?”
29. “It’s a ____”
30. “rooster”
31. “toe”
32. “noodle” (nu-no)
33. “go”
34. “car”
35. “baa” (for sheep)
36. “neigh” (for horses)
37. “ladybug” (buh)
38. “girl”
39. “puppy”
40. “dog”
41. “blue”
42. “turtle”
43. “whale”
44. “crab”
45. “cold”
46. “roar” (when she sees lions, tigers or other big cats and bears)
47. *hiss* (for snakes)
48. “bubble”
49. *mmm*
 50. “I don’t know” and she shrugs and lifts her hands up to her shoulders palms up
51. “dance” (da)
 52. “money”
53. “nuts” (nuh)
54. “shoe”
55. “bear”
56. “here you go”
57. “Barbie doll”
58. “Barney”
59. “down”
60. “door”
61. “yeah”
62. “no”
63. “mermaid”
64. “boo”
65. “I did it”
66. “yay!”
67. “bee”
68. “eye”
69. “hair”
70. “leg”
71. “foot”
72. “ear”
73. “arm”
74. “floor”
75. “hungry”
76. “thirsty”
77. “soft”
78. “milk”
79. “tiger”
80. “horse”
81. “frog”
82. “outside”
83. “more”
84. “cereal”
85. “Elmo”
86. “toy”
87. “potatoes”
88. “cheese”
89. “birthday”
90. “sock”
91. “I love you” (IU)
92. “hmm”
93. “booger”
94. “kitty”
95. “Po”
96. “paper”
97. “dark”
98. “awesome”
99. “coming”
100. “animal”
101. “Gramma”
102. “broccoli”
103. “glasses”
104. “hotdog”
105. “cell phone”
106. “pants”
107. “tabby”
108. “hat”
109. “happy”
110. “cherry”
111. “meow”
112. “hammer”
113. “clippy”
114. “gold”
115. “chair”
116. “purple”
117. “hole”
118. “ham”
119. “cuppy”
120. “green bean”
121. “lizard”
122. “windy”
123. “so”
124. “very”
125. “sleepy/sleeping”
126. “peas”
127. “pee”
128. “poo”
129. “potty”
130. “what?”
131. “flower”
132. “color”
133. “scary”
134. “fairy”
135. “pizza”
136. “ice cube”
137. “flash light”
138. “yummy”
139. “get me”
140. “getcha”
141. “get you”
142. “tissue”
143. “fuzzy”
144. “deer”
145. “pig”
146. “going”
147. “oh no”
148. “hi”
149. “hair”
150. “ruff-ruff” (the sound that dogs make)
151. “owl”
152. “mouse”
153. “book”
154. “big”
155. “spoon”
156. "Oma"

She also does the following:
Nods “Yes”
Shakes her head “No” and says it
She understands “softly” when you want her to be gentle
She understands “Smack it”
She understands “High Five”
She’ll “wash” her face when I ask her to
She will say whatever I ask her if I ask “Can you say___?”
She’ll take something to someone if you tell her to show so-and-so
She will hand me something if I ask “Can I see the ___?”
She understands me asking her to smile
She can clap on command
Hugs when asked
If you ask her “Do you want to come here?” if she does want to she’ll raise her arms to you
If you ask her to “dance” she will If you tell her to “wiggle” she shimmies her shoulders and moves her hips If you request her to “plop” or “flop” while she is on a soft surface (If on a hard surface she won’t do it, smart girl!) she will throw her whole body onto it
If you say “bonk” (either after she hits herself in the head, or if you want her to) she will tap herself in the head with whatever is nearest.
If you tell her “ouch” while she hits her head, she will laugh and keep doing it
She plays “Where’s MairĂ©ad?” (her equivalent to Peek-a-Boo)
She runs away when you say “I'm going to get you!” (and then she proceeds to say “getchoo” while running away)
She has comic timing
She points to or gestures towards things she wants, or to some place she wants me to take her
She will hand me whatever is in her hand if I ask “Can I see it?”
She can drink from a straw
She can walk by herself and doesn’t ever fall unless she runs
She can point when I ask her to point to something (for instance in a book)
She can find different body parts (ears, eyes, mouth, nose, chin, cheek, hair, hand(s), finger(s), belly, foot, toe(s), leg, arm, butt, knee)
She knows the difference between "Mommy's nose" and "Mairead's nose" (or other body parts, etc. She understands possession)
She pretends to burp her baby doll, she feeds her baby doll, pats her baby doll, etc.
She pretends to eat pretend food (like spooning and “eating” invisible food)
She understands commands like “pick it up” or “put it back” even if she has to put it away in a whole different room.
She’ll kiss by request (if she knows you and is in the mood)
Uses spoon and fork.

I know that I probably have forgotten many more of the things Mairead can say or do, but you get the idea, she is one smart cookie!